More than just your name and logo, your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

With new strategies, techniques, and arenas, DSBC will apply effective branding strategy to your products and services to always keep your brand one-step ahead in the game.

Everything from companies to products to individuals in organizations are a brand. Together we will measure and understand how others see you and how you influence them and adapting what you do to your target audience without abandoning what you stand for.

With an expertise in current thinking and fast-changing brands in an increasingly digital world, we provide a successful brand management which goes well beyond the cosmetics of branding (brand name, packaging, advertising, etc.) to ensure an incredible brand experience for your customers.

The Process

Brand Strategy

Step 1

Brand Strategy 
By performing thorough research of your brand, DSBC determines what is your purpose as a brand and who are your target audience. Next, we work out what modifications to be done to your products and services so as to perfectly fit the needs of your target audience and how to present and market them.
Analyse what your competitors are offering and determine why your business is better. We revolve the branding process around that difference and highlight it to the customers.
Research Competition

Step 2

Research Competition
Brand Identity Development

Step 3

Brand Identity Development

This involves create something distinct and recognizable which leaves a mark on the minds and hearts of the customers. This includes brand name, brand message, logo design, color palette, typography, brand voice.

This is a technical document that outlines how to use your logo and branding assets to ensure consistency. This guideline includes areas like resizing your logo or pairing your assets with different colours, etc.

Branding Guideline

Step 4

Branding Guideline
Social Media Branding

Step 5

Social Media Branding

Creating a brand is only the beginning. We integrate your brand in everything that your customer can see, read, and hear on any media platform. Strategies are followed to promote the brand via multiple channels. 

Our Approach

While the brand clearly is not a tangible asset of your organisation, this hardly makes its economic contribution and importance any less. Brands are the most stable and sustainable assets in business. DSBC approach branding from numerous angles, helping you establish, maintain, expand, and sustain this valuable asset. It has four main phases; analysing, planning, implementing and evaluation.

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