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The ultimate goal of building an online presence such as a website is to bring more people to your website, and we do that by improving the search engine results. It can also be done by taking advantage of the vast world of social media called Social Media Marketing.

DSBC offers the authentic way to boost your search engine rankings by providing realistic SEO strategies to attract high quality, targeted traffic to your website.

What makes you stand out from your competitors and attract the target audience is how you offer the same service in a more approachable way. SEO is an ongoing process and DSBC is dedicated towards optimizing your content with every iteration, even once the desired increases are achieved, so as to ensure the result lasts and your reach expands.

The Process

Technical Audit

Step 1

Technical Audit 

In order to rule out any issues impacting search engine optimization on your website, we run certain on-page, off-page, and technical checks which may include content analysis, page speed optimization, navigation, link audit, analytics and goal tracking, etc.

This phase involves identifying a group of popular keyword phrases based on the products/services you offer and the problems they address that will be used in optimization.

Keyword Research

Step 2

Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis

Step 3

Competitor Analysis

Armed with keyword phrases, we perform competitive analysis to discover who is currently attracting major traffic. We look into trends, forecasts, case studies, social media following and other metrics  to determine where we currently stand and what we aim to achieve.

(On-page SEO) – DSBC aims to produce high quality content which solves a problem or provides a solution to whatever brings the reader to your website. This is achieved through content planning which helps to organize content evenly throughout the website to be able to rank higher and be visible to the audience.

Content Optimization

Step 4

Content Optimization
Social Media Integration

Step 5

Social Media Integration

During this phase, we establish an online presence for your business and links to the website are shared with every post to increase online presence. The extensive content distribution will boost seo campaign by increasing brand recognition and increase the flow of organic traffic.

(Off-page SEO) – We believe links are one of the most important ranking factors for Google. We take the time to build the links the right way which includes conversations with people and telling them how we can provide value to their site to earn links from authoritative websites. We also remove any links which are blocking our ranking ability.

Quality Link Building

Step 6

Quality Link Building
Monthly Report

Step 7

Monthly Report

We regularly share follow up reports and analysis which includes rankings, site traffic levels, social signals, and other key metrics. It helps to calculate the current ROIs and to optimize the strategy moving forward.

Our Approach

Starting with a thorough website analysis, we build a group of keywords which have a high probability of usage by the users and relatively low competition among search engines. Moreover, with on-page content optimization and off-page quality link building, we work towards pushing your website up the search results with a natural and authentic approach.

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